Why UX design?

In fashion, you design based on what’s trending, what’s on the runway or what the hottest celebrities are currently wearing. After countless iterations and minimum selling, I kept asking myself “why weren’t customers buying the products my team and I were designing?” That’s when I learned about UX design and how it focuses on the user. I was intrigued how UX design was based on the psychology of the user by taking their frustrations and pain points to design a product that brings value and ease to their lives.

I'm seeking to join a team that helps the client feel accomplished and fulfilled; but where I can also learn, grow, mentor and share knowledge. I’m always open to learning new things. I know you are probably thinking I’m not the ideal UX/UI candidate you have been envisioning. I don’t have extensive experience in UX design. But I do have years of experience working in product design in the fashion accessories industry that will allow me to be a successful UX designer.


The Big Picture

I’ve art directed and was the lead designer on big brand programs. Although, I designed for only a couple of commodities I had to make sure the products I designed fit into the brand’s vision, constraints and business goals. It had to look cohesive with the other products they had in the line and throughout the whole store.


Synthesize, Conceptualize and Execute

If the project brief was unclear, I would question the sales lead or development for more direction, finding out their wants, needs and other constraints. I then would design based on my research, inspiration and the given direction. I would collaborate with sales and development until we had a product we all believed solved the client’s needs. I can also decipher the client’s comments and revise the product to align more with their business goals but also stay true to solving the original problem and staying within constraints.


Collaboration and Communication

A great idea may start from one person; but, a great product is a collaboration of people that pushes ideas to the limit. You have to be able to put egos aside, communicate and negotiate through features in order to design a product that is a combination of the stakeholders, the developers and the users concerns.


Great Sense of Typography and Layout

I’ve designed everything from company collateral and presentations to packaging and mood boards. I have a natural eye for composition and can understand the hierarchy of design.


Pro at Drawing Vector Icons

You know those little dogs or cats or pizza slices on the socks you are wearing right now...I can draw those. So detailed with a max of 5 colors or less and still make them look good. This translates well into app icons and gif stickers.


No Task Is Too Small Attitude

I started as an intern and worked my way up to Assistant Art Director and then Creative Content and Marketing Manager. I understand that the littlest things contribute to a company’s success...even if it means helping your intern cut out mockups too.


Meticulously Organized, VigilanT, anD Detail Oriented

I know everyone says this to sound good, but I really am. My desktop is constantly clean. My files are named so they make sense for someone else looking for them. I have great work hygiene!


Fast-Paced, Energetic Environment

Honestly, I tend to get bored easily. So I enjoy working in environments that keep me on my toes and no two days are the same.